Did you know that 40% of the power used by most business is waste? Not only are businesses wasting energy, but they’reincreasing costs as well. Even for the energy that is being used to power your business, there are ways to reduce costs by implementing eco-friendly, green technologies.

Integrative Consulting Group, LLC is a Distributor/ VP of Sales for Eco Energy Management, a company that  provides energy saving solutions for commercial, industrial and governmental facilities. The solutions are scientifically proven to significantly reduce the energy consumption and related costs in the areas of lighting, air-conditioning, refrigeration and other inefficient motor-driven equipment.

of the power used by most business is waste
Energy Management Consulting

The LED lighting solutions reduce energy consumption and related costs between 30% and 50%– most often allowing clients a full return on investment within two years. ECO also has finance programs available that negate eliminating capital expenditure because the monthly payment for the new lighting system is less than the savings reflected on the monthly electric bill. Even when 100% financing is selected this creates a positive cash flow from day one!

Eco Energy Management Solutions provide commercial grade products that are designed, engineered and assembled in the United States, with a 7 year track record of higher quality over big names in the industry. Eco Energy Management conducts a survey that guarantees companies save on electric through strategic energy management. And all LED lights come with a 5 year warranty!

Who Benefits From Energy Management?

Who Benefits? Anyone who manages warehouses, hospitals, parking garages, or any other type of commercial property that relies on lighting to power their building. In addition, individuals and employees will also benefit by increased levels of production, health and overall wellness.

With a ROI of less than 2 years, there are no out-of-pocket expenses to be expected with Eco Energy solutions—and because customers are able to save as much as 20-40% in energy reduction costs, the products more than pay for themselves.

By enhancing branding and company image with green technologies, business’s increase shareholder value and ultimately gain a distinct competitive advantage over their peers

Cost Reduction and Health Benefits of LED

Studies show that switching to energy saving solutions, such as LED lighting also maximizes the health of the work environment, With LED lighting, 90% of power converts to light and 10% is converted to heat. Fluorescent lights contain harmful chemicals that hurt the environment creating an environmental concern.

Studies have shown that not only can making the switch to LED save money and energy, but individuals will also benefit because they promote increased levels of cognitive performance, alertness, and mood, as well as alleviating symptoms often associated with depression. Unlike fluorescent lights or CFL lights, LED lights do not flicker since they run on DC voltage. Studies have shown headache, eye strain and discomfort are common with tube, florescent and CFL lighting. LEDs are also free from explosion or chance of injury and are free from heavy metals.
In addition, LED lights eliminate the harmful presence of UV rays that exist with CFL bulbs and pose the risk of skin damage. Scientists have found that the use of LED lighting is best during the day, since the melatonin-suppressing light can influence sleep cycles—making them the perfect option for business owners to incorporate into commercial buildings and work environments.

Energy Saving Solutions

AC Unit Efficiencies

We also have devises we use to help the efficiency of AC RTU systems.

The primary reason we ask permission to conduct a survey is to determine our client’s biggest bang for their buck, and the result is a comprehensive proposal that reveals overall costs, initial and long term, ROI and other pertinent business information required to make good business decisions.

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