Many small to medium-size companies struggle with how, when and where to begin when it comes to business development. Companies with a dispersed customer base and large sales transactions have considerable opportunity for organic growth. Integrated Consulting Group helps companies take a view by geography, industry segment and services areas, in order to tailor the strategies and approaches needed to capture growth.

Increasing sales without losing revenue is both an art and a science. Our collaborative approach helps companies gain transparency on the performance of their route- to-market mix while identifying potential improvement areas and concrete ways to achieve them, such as creating lean back-office sales operations. Our business collaborates with strategic partners who serve as valued advisors to companies looking for “best practices” in marketing and sales.

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When combined, sales and marketing are integrated aspects of running a successful business. Companies face ongoing challenges created by complex and more educated consumers, growing competition and information overload. Most organizations leave over 80% of the sales process up to the individual sales rep. We create a sales and marketing strategy based on our clients’ business problems and opportunities which allows us to create a sales strategy and standardized process which leads to revenue growth.

Integrative Consulting Group, LLC reviews sales tools and sales messaging for products and services to refine the value proposition, create new messaging and call scripts. In addition, our team will evaluate pipeline tools and work with the sales team to create a pipeline process consistent with company goals. This includes full evaluation of existing prospects and customers to identify new opportunities, shorten the sales cycle and increase the size and frequency of client transactions.

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